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The AIQ significantly correlates with on-field performance in the NFL

AIQ Scores that include visual spatial processing, reaction time, decision making, and learning efficiency, significantly correlate with:
  • Increased NFL Playing Time

  • Higher NFL Career Approximate Value

  • Interceptions for NFL Defensive Backs

  • Rushing Yards for NFL Running Backs

  • Fewer False Starts for NFL Tackles

NFL Quarterback

The AIQ significantly correlates with on-field performance in MLB

Teams utilize the AIQ for player development and personalized coaching. Scores provide valuable input for mental skills coaches and sports psychologists.

Major League Hitting

  • Visual spatial processing significantly correlates with slugging percentage (SLP) and on-base plus slugging (OPS)

  • Reaction time correlates with batting average (BA)

  • Processing speed correlates with batting average (BA)

Baseball Hitting

Major League Pitching

  • Visualization significantly correlates with Field Independent Pitching (FIP)

  • Reaction time significantly correlates with walks and hits per inning pitched (WHIP)

  • Choice Reaction time significantly correlates with earned run average (ERA)

Professional and amateur teams use the AIQ

Athletic Intelligence Measures

Consulting Services

In addition to the AIQ assessment, we offer a full range of psychometric consulting services to help develop your team. Our expert sport psychologists can assess entire teams, individual athletes and draft prospects, prepare individualized coaching plans, and offer benchmarking reports to help you compare your prospects to proven veterans.

Talent Evaluation and Selection

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Game Management

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Targeted Coaching

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