The AIQ will help you find hidden gems that others may overlook.

The Athletic Intelligence Quotient (AIQ) is a mental analytics tool currently being used by MLB teams (including World Series winners), NFL teams (including Super Bowl winners), NBA teams, NHL teams, MLS teams, Division 1 teams (including FBS Bowl Winners and a no. 1 ranked basketball team), Olympic training facilities, and training academies.

The AIQ measures the intellectual abilities most used in attaining, enhancing, and applying athletic skills. Just as a stopwatch measures speed, the AIQ provides valuable information about an athlete’s performance-specific intellectual abilities. The AIQ identifies an athlete’s mental strengths and weaknesses, helps coaches train athletes to reach the highest level of performance, and aids management and player personnel in scouting and roster decisions.

Organizations are using the AIQ in a number of ways, and its use can be tailored to fit your needs. For example, the AIQ can be used for:

  1. Pre-Selection talent evaluation
  2. Improving training and coaching through talent analysis
  3. Benchmarking current talent to continue to maximize roster potential
  4. Building a comprehensive performance profile

Sample AIQ Reports

Teams from these leagues are using the AIQ